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Tag: south sudan crisis

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Volunteers from a NNGO partner collect refuse to improve sanitary conditions at the Protection of Civilians site for internally displaced people in Tony Piny, Juba. Credit: Oxfam

Three reasons national organisations are vital to humanitarian response in South Sudan

OPINION: National and local actors have a critical role in responding to the humanitarian emergency in South Sudan. When international aid organisations work in partnership with local groups,...

south Sudan

South Sudan: a battle of the sexes

Concepts of masculinity and femininity are deeply embedded in cultural beliefs and practices which underpin violence against women and inequality. Here Protection Project Manager, Kerry Akers, reflects...

MP/public dialogue, Wulu, Lakes State. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

Six lessons on how to support change in South Sudan

What does active citizenship look like in a conflict affected state like South Sudan? Richard Chilvers, WWS Learning and Communications Officer, draws on the experience of Oxfam's partners to...

A water distribution point - set up by Oxfam - at the Malakal IDP camp, South Sudan. Fighting has forced more than a million people from their homes, and up to 50,000 children are at risk of dying from malnutrition if they don't receive adequate humanitarian aid. Credit: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Sky-rocketing inflation, conflict and collapsed markets: South Sudan update

In December 2013 fighting broke out across South Sudan. Since then more than 1.5 million people have been internally displaced and over 500,000 have fled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda. Here...

Melut, South Sudan. May, 2014 (Credit: Kieran Doherty/ Oxfam)

Attention-deficit: is aid failing fragile states?

Oxfam is one of the world's leading providers of humanitarian aid in emergencies. In 2014, it supported around 5.5 million people in crisis. Here, Laura Searle talks about why we have compiled...

Women queuing for their charcoal vouchers in South Sudan (Credit: Kieran Doherty/ Oxfam)

South Sudan: "A situation unique in humanitarian history"

12 months after the world's newest nation was plunged into conflict, Oxfam Humanitarian Director, Jane Cocking, looks back on a year of war, suffering, but some remarkable achievements in South...

A team of water engineers drill a borehole in Mingkaman to provide clean water to the people living in the IDP camp South Sudan/credit:Amy Christian

Mud, rain and guns: aid work in South Sudan

On World Humanitarian Day, Peter Struijf, Oxfam's Programme Manager for Jonglei in South Sudan, writes about the challenges of delivering aid to rural areas and the crucial role played by the...

"I do not want to be a soldier, I want to be a doctor." A story from South Sudan

Fierce fighting in South Sudan has forced more than a million people from their homes. On the anniversary of the country's independence three years ago, Grace Cahill shares the story of one family...

Young refugee boys playing football in Jamam camp, South Sudan, March 2014. Credit: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

World must get off the bench on resolving conflict in Africa

As half the global population unites to watch the World Cup, Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, calls on world leaders to unite to bring peace and an end to hunger in Somalia,...

Families in Tong Ping displaced persons settlement carry their newly received non food items back to where they're staying. Credit: Anita Kattakhuzy/Oxfam

"Unless there is total peace I cannot go back"

Since conflict broke out in South Sudan in December 2013 thousands have died and more than a million people have fled their homes. Nyakuoth Kuony and her family are among the many South Sudanese...