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Rolling bidis by kerosene. Credit: SKRDPD

How good microfinance is funding sustainable energy in India

Microfinance sometimes gets a bad press but SKDRDP, this year's Ashden Gold Award winner, is a well-run microfinance organisation helping to meet the energy needs of low-income households in...

Adjusting the blade angle of Feyzabad's hydro turbine. Credit: GIZ/Ashden

Local energy provides peace, prosperity and accountability where big projects fail

Ahead of next week's Ashden Awards, John Magrath examines how one winner has brought electricity and employment to remote provinces of Afghanistan, showing that small projects that respond to...

Nidhi Tandon

The road to Rio +20: women and the green economy

What will Rio+20 mean for the many millions of poor women across the world, struggling with the effects of poverty, climate change, and environmental degradation? Nidhi Tandon, Gender & Development...

Cover of the UN of the Global Sustainability Panel report, 'Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing'

Reviving Rio? Global Sustainability Panel Report throws a life-ring

Promising, but needs to go further. Sarah Best gives Oxfam's verdict on the UN's High-Level Panel Report on Global Sustainability. ...