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Hygienists at Oxfam managed Kumala community care centre in Sierra Leone. Pictured from left to right Lamrana B Sesay, Fatmata Jalloh, Bintu Kabba, Aminata Turay and Ramatu S Jalloh. The women are working to fight Ebola. Credit: Michelle Curran/Oxfam

Are the Sustainable Development Goals good news for women?

The 2015 Sustainable Development Goal agreement was a historic moment for development and for feminism. Much hope rests on the goals, but what will they really achieve, for people living in poverty,...

Hazna, a 38 years old hindu, 2 children stands in a makeshift camp along the road in the district Mirpur Khas district, Sindh, Pakistan on November 3, 2011

Gender and Development talks resilience

How are men and women affected differently by shocks and stresses, and how can a women's rights approach be applied? Caroline Sweetman, Editor of the Gender & Development journal, introduces...

The shanty homes of fisher families and city immigrants on Back Bay with the tower blocks of Nariman Point in the background. Mumbai, India (Credit: Paul Smith/Panos)

Equal to anything? What happens to gender inequality when incomes rise and fall

The latest issue of Gender & Development focuses on inequalities. Here, Naila Kabeer, Professor of Gender and Development at the Gender Institute, and Caroline Sweetman, Editor, introduce the...

Dusk in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith

SafetiPin: A tool to measure safety in cities

In the latest issue of Gender & Development Kalpana Viswanath writes about SafetiPin, an innovative app that she co-founded to support community and women's safety in cities. Here, she...

Mother and daughter stand outside the small, single-room shack which is their home, in Mukuru informal settlement, in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 28, 2014. The girl goes to a Mukuru school where Oxfam partner Sanergy has installed Fresh Life toilets, which replace unsanitary pit latrines. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Why have sex and the city when you can have gender?

The new issue of the Gender & Development journal looks at women's rights and the promotion of gender equality in the urban environment. Here G&D's Editor, Caroline Sweetman, draws...

Gulnara Ahmadov prepares her daughter, Gulmira for school (Credit: David Levene/ Oxfam)

Care - from motherhood and apple pie to human rights

Care work is a social good, but one that is all too often undervalued, unequal and under resourced. Here, Gender & Development editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the Care issue. ...

Cotton Growers meeting with Oxfam team and Sarvodaya Youth organization (Oxfam partner)  Peddapur village, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam GB

Six practical resources for doing gender and MEL, better

As we launch the new issue of Gender & Development, which focuses on monitoring, learning and evaluation (MEL), Global Gender MEL Adviser, Kimberly Bowman offers her top resources for gendered...

Birthday candles by Pudpuduk

Help us celebrate 21 years of Gender & Development

As Oxfam's Gender & Development journal marks its 21st year, assistant editor Liz Cooke looks back on the role it played during her student days and asks readers to take five minutes...

A girl at school in Pakistan. Credit: Irina Werning/Oxfam

‘Vote no to women graduates!’ Getting education right for women

Education is a fundamental human right, but what's needed to ensure a quality empowering education for all?  Gender & Development editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the Education...

Former girl soldier at a transition and rehabilitation centre in DRC, Caroline Irby/Oxfam

Is a woman's place on the battlefield?

Editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the latest issue of the Gender & Development journal, which looks at gender, conflict and violence through the lens of feminism.  ...