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Just 8 billionaires own the same wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion poeple

Extreme inequality and the push for an alternative future

Deborah Hardoon introduces our new report, 'An Economy for the 99%' and argues that extreme inequality and a crisis in economics have created the appetite for an alternative vision for the...

School children in India. Credit: Oxfam India

For richer or poorer: from Brazil to Indonesia

In the emerging economies the fruits of growth are too often not being shared with the majority of the population. Thomas Dunmore Rodriguez, National Influencing Adviser for Latin America, reveals...

The world's 62 richest people own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion poorest

Our stats struck a nerve, now let’s hit back against inequality

Oxfam's latest inequality report and stats have prompted some lively debate in the run up to the World Economic Forum. Here Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, explains how we came up with...

Oxfam’s Even It Up Bus in Cardiff Bay, October 2015. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam Cymru's Blueprint for Change

The Welsh Assembly election in May 2016 offers a significant opportunity for every political party to transparently commit themselves to create a more equal Wales, within a more equal world. Carys...

A child watches traffic in Manila, Philippines 2014

Why extreme wealth is not merited

As inequality grows and the rich get richer, what are the implications of extreme wealth and is it in any way merited? Didier Jacobs, Senior Economist at Oxfam America, introduces his latest discussion...

A map of Europe which has been colour graded, countries with higher levels of income inequality are red and countries with lower levels of income inequality are blue. Copyright: OpenStreetMap contributors

Inequality measures and metrics - what makes Slovenia stand out?

Following our recently published report on inequality in Europe, Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research at Oxfam, looks at the inequality data for Slovenia. She finds that Slovenia outperforms...

Why the moral imperatives for women's empowerment trump economic reasons

What are the effects of inequitable economic growth on gender inequality? Researcher, Daria Ukhova, shares evidence of how income inequalities in emerging economies can exacerbate inequalities between...

While some people forge ahead, others are left behind by society. Brussels, April 2015, in the area of the Stock Exchange Building (2015). Photo: Ximena Echague/Oxfam

An unequal union: startling new research into European inequality

The European Union is home to more billionaires than ever before, while at the same time the proportion of people at risk of poverty is on the increase and two thirds of people believe that...

Tondo slum in Manila, Philippines, 2014. Credit: Dewald Brand, Miran for Oxfam

The world could be so much fairer: an introduction to inequality

Seven out of ten people live in countries where the gap between the rich and the poor has increased in the last 30 years. In this introduction to inequality Deborah Hardoon, Senior Researcher at...

Cambodian garment workers travelling to work in Phnom Penh (Credit: Emma Hardy/Oxfam)

What would it take to deliver a living wage in supply chains?

The concept of a living wage is not something new, but with recent reports warning of the lag between wages and productivity and outlining the failures in trickle down economics, it is in the spotlight....