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Coal stunt at G7. Credit: Oxfam Deutschland

Why the G7 have made but a stuttering start on climate change

Climate justice calls for the richest countries most responsible for causing the problem of climate change to phase out fossil fuels first and fastest, but will this happen? With only a matter of...

Making brand choices when supermarket shopping. Credit:Oxfam

How do your favourite foods rank now? Latest Behind the Brands scores revealed

In 2013 we launched the Behind the Brands campaign using consumer power to hold the world's largest food and beverage companies to account for the impact their business has on the world and its...

Food giants such as General Mills are listening.

Food giants are listening to demands for sustainability

In February 2013 we launched the Behind the Brands campaign with an assessment of the social and environmental policies of the world's ten largest food and beverage companies. The campaign has...

We made history in 2013: moments to make your heart beat fast

As we enter a new year, Anna Macdonald celebrates one of 2013's most historic achievements when, after 10 years of tireless campaigning, a global arms trade treaty was finally adopted by the...

Campaigners celebrate the signing of the Arms Trade Treaty in New York, 3 June 2013. Credit: Oxfam

From a vision to a global treaty in 10 years: celebrating the Arms Trade Treaty

After 10 years of campaigning, history was made on 3 June 2013, when the Arms Trade Treaty was signed at the UN in New York. Here, Anna Macdonald, head of arms control for Oxfam, gives her thanks...

MDG spending infographic

Are governments meeting their MDG spending targets?

Government Spending Watch, a site that collates MDG spending, launches today. Guppi Bola and Rachel Bladon explain how this powerful tool will be critical in holding governments to account....

Commonwealth flags

Will they take their seat at the table? Commonwealth needs to show leadership over Arms Trade Treaty

Despite the active involvement of many member states, the Commonwealth has never taken a strategic role in the UN's Arms Trade Treaty negotiations. Today, as a new report by the UK...