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Behind the Brands 3 Years

Big food is improving but a transformation is needed

OPINION:  With the release of the latest Behind the Brands report, Erinch Sahan takes us through how the 'Big 10' food and beverage companies have progressed on their social...

Behind the brands campaign poster

How the Behind the Brands campaign has driven change in corporate policy

Over the last three years Oxfam's Behind the Brands campaign has leveraged the power of consumers to persuade the world's largest food and beverage companies to account for what happens in...

Making brand choices when supermarket shopping. Credit:Oxfam

How do your favourite foods rank now? Latest Behind the Brands scores revealed

In 2013 we launched the Behind the Brands campaign using consumer power to hold the world's largest food and beverage companies to account for the impact their business has on the world and its...

Food giants such as General Mills are listening.

Food giants are listening to demands for sustainability

In February 2013 we launched the Behind the Brands campaign with an assessment of the social and environmental policies of the world's ten largest food and beverage companies. The campaign has...

Heavy rain

Let’s get down to business at the UN Climate Summit

Business has a key role to play in tackling global climate change. In the run-up to the UN climate summit on Tuesday Danielle Smith reviews promising new business initiatives, and introduces...

 Land being cleared and replanted with oil palms at the Butaw plantation in Sinoe County, Liberia (2014). Anna Fawcus/Oxfam America

Food and beverage industry must act on climate change

Climate change is threatening global food production, yet food companies are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. Here Danielle Smith our private sector policy officer...

Behind the Brands - the companies respond

The week saw the launch of the second phase of our Behind the Brands campaign, calling on food and drinks companies to protect the land rights of communities affected by their supply chains. Here...

Sugarcane workers, Brazil. Credit: Oxfam/Tatiana Cardeal

What do the world’s biggest brands have to do with land rights?

Why is Oxfam calling for zero tolerance of global land grabs by food and beverage companies? Irit Tamar from Oxfam America introduces the next phase of our Behind the Brands campaign. ...

Preparing roses for export in a Kenyan packhouse. Credit: Gerry Boyle/Oxfam

What’s the poverty ‘footprint’ of cut flowers? Oxfam’s new report with IPL

In our latest Poverty Footprint report, released today, we've teamed up with IPL (owned by ASDA and the biggest importer of fresh produce into the UK).  Our report aims to help IPL and their...

Comfort Adeniyi, a cocoa farmer, on her farm in Ayetoro-Ijesa in southwest Nigeria. Photo: George Osodi/Panos for Oxfam America

You spoke and companies listened

Less than two months ago, Oxfam called on the three largest chocolate companies to do more for the women who grow the cocoa used in Oreos, M&Ms and Crunch bars, to name just a few....