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Tag: arms trade treaty

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Millions of Yemenis are suffering from a water crisis and have to walk long distances to collect a few litres of water for their families, July 2015. Credit: Oxfam

Yemenis need aid not arms

The UK lobbied for years for the Arms Trade Treaty that came into force last December. But at the first test of the new law, it has turned a blind eye to mounting evidence of potential misuse of...

Oxfam CEO Mark Goldring at the Malakal IDP camp, South Sudan, pictured here greeting Gwada Joseph, 27. (Credit: Simon Rawles/Oxfam)

Good, but could do even better?

Fresh from two UK party political conferences, Oxfam's CEO Mark Goldring reflects on the UK's role in the world. ...

A Syrian refugee girl in Zaatari Camp, Jordan, where new arrivals are still living in tents in the cold in harsh desert conditions. Credit: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

Syria needs peace, not foreign weapons

As peace talks take place in Geneva the conflict in Syria is close to entering its fourth year. The fighting continues to be fueled by arms and ammunition from far beyond the country's...

We made history in 2013: moments to make your heart beat fast

As we enter a new year, Anna Macdonald celebrates one of 2013's most historic achievements when, after 10 years of tireless campaigning, a global arms trade treaty was finally adopted by the...

Former girl soldier at a transition and rehabilitation centre in DRC, Caroline Irby/Oxfam

Is a woman's place on the battlefield?

Editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the latest issue of the Gender & Development journal, which looks at gender, conflict and violence through the lens of feminism.  ...

Campaigners celebrate the signing of the Arms Trade Treaty in New York, 3 June 2013. Credit: Oxfam

From a vision to a global treaty in 10 years: celebrating the Arms Trade Treaty

After 10 years of campaigning, history was made on 3 June 2013, when the Arms Trade Treaty was signed at the UN in New York. Here, Anna Macdonald, head of arms control for Oxfam, gives her thanks...

Getting it right briefing paper jacket

Getting it right: the final push to negotiate a strong Arms Trade Treaty

Advocacy officer Helena Whall on the forthcoming historic opportunity to create a binding robust treaty that will regulate the international trade in arms.  ...

Commonwealth flags

Will they take their seat at the table? Commonwealth needs to show leadership over Arms Trade Treaty

Despite the active involvement of many member states, the Commonwealth has never taken a strategic role in the UN's Arms Trade Treaty negotiations. Today, as a new report by the UK...

Pushing a barrel of water home, during drought in Mali. Credit: Dave Clark/Oxfam

Hunger in the Sahel and international arms control: what’s the link?

With the launch of The Devil is in the Detail, Oxfam's first in a series of five papers to be released in the run up to the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in July, Oxfam's arms trade policy...