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Subject: water

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Nigerian men play cards in a camp for IDPs and refugees, Diffa Region, Niger

The ladies' room

Kerry Akers talks about the careful considerations and interdisciplinary collaboration needed to ensure that protection work is not based on harmful assumptions. ...

Sanergy workers collect waste from Fresh Life Toilets in Mukuru. (Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam)

Making standards practical is critical to sanitation innovation for rapidly expanding urban areas in developing countries

WASH solutions can only implemented when they work in context. Coming up to World Toilet Day, Katie Whitehouse explains why, in some cases, standards may not be achievable. ...

The dilemma of managing a toilet

The dilemma of managing toilets

Where there are no sewers to connect to, we need to find other ways to manage waste. Here Katie Whitehouse looks at some of the issues that come with having a functioning toilet. ...

A tiger worm sourced for use in a toilet from a river bank

Tigers in the toilet

Could the Tiger Toilet be a long lasting sanitation solution for refugee camps? We think it could be. ...

Building Latrines In Logan Town (Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Oxfam)

Toilet access is dominating programme delivery but what is the point of building more toilets if we cannot manage them?

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day and here, Katie Whitehouse looks at how building a toilet isn't the end of the story and we need sustainable approaches to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). ...

Residents collect water from a communal pipe, right next to an open sewer and drain (Credit: Sam Tarling)

The forgotten nexus of sanitation, hygiene & water – is this the inhibitor to progress?

In the lead-up to World Toilet Day, Oxfam's Katie Whitehouse looks at how water, sanitation, hygiene and development are connected. ...

Plastic latrine slabs next to newly dug latrine hole, South Sudan

Responding to our toilet duties – an important subject!

Sanitation in emergency contexts must consider a diverse range of social, environmental, cultural and economic parameters. Jenny Lamb explores what this means for Oxfam and for Water Sanitation and...

Warya uses her hands to make mud channel to irrigate her garden in stages, Mauritania

Accelerating Action: The need for next generation water targets

Originally posted by CEO Water Mandate, this blog calls for transformational change in water stewardship efforts. ...

Meeting of WWP members in Sandweep, Chittagong

Overcoming Social Barriers: A Journey by Women WASH Platform

In this latest blog Ashish Barua explains how the all female 'Women WASH Platform'  has broken down social barriers to encourage better practice in Bangladesh.  ...

Meeting of WWP at Sandweep, Chittagong

Overcoming Social Barriers: A Journey by Women WASH Platform

In this blog Ashish Barua takes us through how a gendered approach to Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) issues has changed local perspectives in Bangladesh and introduces us to the Women's...

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