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Volunteers Jane Foote and Judith Crichton packing food at Tower Hamlets food bank.

Measuring poverty in the UK and why it matters

Graham Whitham, Oxfam's Senior Policy Advisor on UK Poverty and Inequality explains why poverty in developed nations cannot be separated from a relative lack of material resources. Income and...

UK housing strategy will let the poor fall through the cracks

From April this year, the UK government will cap overall spending on welfare. Chris Johnes hoped this would encourage government departments to invest in long-term programmes tackling poverty to...

Income tax square on a monopoly board Credit: Money matters

Money or mirage? How to make sure people working on low incomes actually benefit from being taken out of income tax

The Coalition Government's flagship policy on raising the income tax threshold to £10,000 has proven to be both expensive and popular. Its stated purpose is to put more money in the...

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