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Subject: conflict

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Peul women, in N’Goui Koura settlement , Diffa, eastern Niger.

Revenue and Risk in the Lake Chad Basin

Clotilde Lappartient and Corrie Sissons explain their recent work on local livelihoods and protection in the Lake Chad Basin and why integrated programs are necessary. ...

A young boy stands in the smoke  near Qayyarah, Iraq, which  set on fire by ISIS in September 2016.  Picture taken on December 2, 2016.

The day after ISIS in Iraq

Maya Mailer, Head of Humanitarian Policy & Campaigns, argues that the challenges facing Iraq go beyond Isis' presence and that we must plan beyond short-term militarism to create a new, peaceful...

Credit: Oxfam

Podcast: How can market based responses help NGOs work in emergencies?

LEARNING: Oxfam's Katie Whitehouse travelled to Stockholm this week  to speak  at World Water Week about the benefits of working with markets in emergencies. We caught up with...

Aisha Zubairu*, 25 years old, from Borno State, IDP living among Kabbar Maila Host Community. (Credit: Ibrahim Dung)

Lake Chad's unseen crisis

ON THE GROUND REFLECTION:  Today Oxfam is launching Lake Chad's Unseen Crisis, which tells the stories of people displaced by conflict in Niger and Nigeria. Oxfam's Advocacy and...

A displaced girl carries her sibling in a village occupied entirely by displaced families who fled their homes in 2014 (Credit: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam)

Iraq must not be forgotten: The humanitarian crisis worsens

ON THE GROUND REFLECTION: As ISIS continues to have devastating effects on Iraq, the country is facing some of the most profound challenges it has seen in the last decade. Rachel Sider, Humanitarian...

Faedah Saeed, 35, fled with her four children from Taiz city to Al-Mendhara Village a year ago due to the conflict. Oxfam has provided Faedah with a hygiene kit, as well as food vouchers every month so she can buy food in the local market. Credit: Moayed Al-Shaybani/Oxfam

A letter from Yemen

ON THE GROUND REFLECTION: Mark Goldring, Oxfam GB's Chief Executive, recently visited Yemen where chronic poverty is being aggravated by war. Ten million people have insufficient food...

A child in the Katsikas camp in the Epirus Region of north-west Greece, where Oxfam is working to improve camp conditions. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

European governments' treatment of refugees is doing long term damage to international law

OPINION: The EU's stance towards migration sets a dangerous precedent argues Maya Mailer, Head of Humanitarian Policy & Campaigns. Today, as Oxfam launches a new campaign calling on...

Volunteers from a NNGO partner collect refuse to improve sanitary conditions at the Protection of Civilians site for internally displaced people in Tony Piny, Juba. Credit: Oxfam

Three reasons national organisations are vital to humanitarian response in South Sudan

OPINION: National and local actors have a critical role in responding to the humanitarian emergency in South Sudan. When international aid organisations work in partnership with local groups,...

Oxfam staff at the World Humanitarian Summit. Credit: Oxfam

Orchestrating the movement - a personal reflection on the World Humanitarian Summit

OPINION: Last week governments, NGOs, UN agencies and civil society representatives met in Istanbul for the World Humanitarian Summit. With 125 million people currently affected by conflicts...

Mazen* (30 years old) and Sara (19 years old). Aleppo, Syria (Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam)

European countries need to return to humanitarian principles

ON THE GROUND REFLECTION:  As world leaders and humanitarian actors meet in Istanbul for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit European countries need to look at themselves and step...

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