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Date: Nov 2016

18 Articles

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Witnesses to the mining conflict gather, Peru

Renewed violence around Las Bambas mining project: Will we learn from past mistakes?

Copper mining in Las Bambas, Peru has sparked new violence as the communities surrounding the mine are bypassed again by the Peruvian government and mining company, MMG, on decisions that greatly...

A protection session, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

How programme learning in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) led to piloting a new approach to governance and protection

Annabel Morrissey reflects on what Oxfam has learnt about the cross over between governance and protection and how this learning is being used. ...

Hollaback! Oxford incident map

Making invisible voices visible in online EVAW campaigns

Online spaces are not free from violence against women and girls (VAWG) but, in this blog, Amy O'Donnell and Miranda Dobson discuss how specific online platforms, including Hollaback! are supporting...

Merl Tech logo / Kurante

Real Geek: geek out with us @ MERL Tech London

MERL Tech - an event exploring the use of technology for monitoring, evaluation research and learning - is coming to London for the first time in February 20-21st 2017. Hosted at the St Brides Foundation...

Two women talking over a tablet, Myanmar

Real Geek: Thinking outside the baseline

Dustin Barter takes us through Oxfam's baseline management for a Durable Peace Programme in Myanmar and lays out how, this time, our approach was so different to the status quo. ...

Sanergy workers collect waste from Fresh Life Toilets in Mukuru. (Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam)

Making standards practical is critical to sanitation innovation for rapidly expanding urban areas in developing countries

WASH solutions can only implemented when they work in context. Coming up to World Toilet Day, Katie Whitehouse explains why, in some cases, standards may not be achievable. ...

The dilemma of managing a toilet

The dilemma of managing toilets

Where there are no sewers to connect to, we need to find other ways to manage waste. Here Katie Whitehouse looks at some of the issues that come with having a functioning toilet. ...

A tiger worm sourced for use in a toilet from a river bank

Tigers in the toilet

Could the Tiger Toilet be a long lasting sanitation solution for refugee camps? We think it could be. ...

Building Latrines In Logan Town (Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Oxfam)

Toilet access is dominating programme delivery but what is the point of building more toilets if we cannot manage them?

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day and here, Katie Whitehouse looks at how building a toilet isn't the end of the story and we need sustainable approaches to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). ...

Residents collect water from a communal pipe, right next to an open sewer and drain (Credit: Sam Tarling)

The forgotten nexus of sanitation, hygiene & water – is this the inhibitor to progress?

In the lead-up to World Toilet Day, Oxfam's Katie Whitehouse looks at how water, sanitation, hygiene and development are connected. ...