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Date: Oct 2016

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Women refugees gather for coffee in Sawere settlement in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

From coffee to conference

In this blog, Shekhar Anand and Emilia Torrisi share Oxfam's learning on building influencing networks, how we are achieving it and why it is crucial to creating sustainable change.  ...

Suhad Ben Mohammed Saeed, 26, writes dictation in a school for literacy supported by Oxfam at al-Maefer village in Taiz city, Yemen.

From the ground up: How Yemen’s women and girls survive

This blog introduces a study carried out by Oxfam, CARE and GenCap, to better understand how women, men, girls and boys survive in Yemen, a country torn apart by conflict. ...

Masuma Seper 15, trains in the gym at The National Stadium in Kabul as part of the Afghan Amateur Women's Boxing Association

Outed “locker room talk” is strengthening global movement to stop violence against women

Oxfam GB's Director of Women's Rights and Gender Justice Nikki van de Gaag, explores how the events surrounding the US Presidential campaign can help end violence against women around...

A demonstration in Bolivia. Credit: IFFI

Real geek: Measuring indirect beneficiaries – attempting to square the circle?

Marta Arranz introduces the challenging topic of measuring indirect beneficiaries as part of Oxfam's efforts to better measure influencing work. ...

Data set reliability

Real geek: The politics of inequality; who is measuring what and why?

Our latest real geek instalment explores different measurements of inequality and how our understanding of the data they produce is crucial to the issue as a whole. ...

Grace Aciro in Loigolo village in Alaa Parish, is located in the extreme north of Lamwo district in northern Uganada.

Influencing for systemic transformative change: the ACCRA model

In this blog, Margaret Barihaihi tells Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance's (ACCRA) story to inspire development practitioners and partners in making long term impact in the lives of men...

Claire Hutchings presented a keynote address - "From Ferraris to Fiats: how real world contexts influence evaluation choices" at the biennial conference

Real geek: Oxfam’s M&E team on the road

Evaluation conferences present us with a valuable opportunity to share our latest thinking and learn from others. In this post, we share some of our M&E team's recent and upcoming contributions...


Ha-Joon Chang on How Change Happens

Ahead of the official release date, we introduce Duncan Green's new book, How change Happens.  ...

Warya uses her hands to make mud channel to irrigate her garden in stages, Mauritania

Accelerating Action: The need for next generation water targets

Originally posted by CEO Water Mandate, this blog calls for transformational change in water stewardship efforts. ...

Dorothy, an Oxfam beneficiary and her son. She has received seeds, tools and training to help grow better and more varieties of crops.

Shaking up the system: improving the tea industry and workers lives in Malawi

One year into Malawi 2020 Daniel Morchain looks how some of the stakeholders are working with the tea labourers central to the project to ensure that the tea industry in Malawi meets its responsibilities...