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Date: Apr 2014

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Tracy with her daughter. Credit: Oxfam

Struggling to pay for the basics after welfare reform

UK Poverty Communications Officer Sarah Brodbin relates the experience of Tracy, a mother-of-one, who has turned to foodbanks as she struggles to pay for the basics due to the impact of welfare...

Safety net on a high ropes course. Credit: Wynand Van Poortvliet/flickr creative commons

How the benefits safety net fails 1.75 million families

Hannah Aldridge, senior researcher for the New Policy Institute (NPI), explains how recent changes to the UK welfare system have hit the poorest families. ...

A girl at school in Pakistan. Credit: Irina Werning/Oxfam

‘Vote no to women graduates!’ Getting education right for women

Education is a fundamental human right, but what's needed to ensure a quality empowering education for all?  Gender & Development editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the Education...

Global partnership for effective development cooperation

What's needed to improve business's role in development?

This week top business representatives meet in Mexico City to discuss how to make development more effective. The lack of financial transparency among companies involved in development initiatives...

Advertising for the 2014 WEF in Latin America

The World Economic Forum in the world's most unequal region

Last week Latin American economic elites met for the regional World Economic Forum in Panama. Here Francoise Vanni reflects on the meeting and the challenge of changing the dynamics of wealth and...

Rwandan refugees returning from camps in Tanzania in 1996. Credit: Howard Davies/Oxfam

The Rwandan genocide: twenty years on

In 1994, an estimated 800,000 people were massacred in Rwanda in the space of a hundred days. David Bryer was Oxfam director at the time, here he remembers what he describes as the lowest point in...

Office Workers on the Bridge. Credit: Dave Collier

Build back better: time for a new economic model

When politicians talk of economic recovery, how are they measuring success? Recovering the old economic model is not good enough says Katherine Trebeck, the economy needs to serve the people. ...