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Date: Sep 2012

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Oxfam India's CEO Nisha Agrawal

Oxfam Marks 60 years of working in India

Oxfam India's CEO Nisha Agrawal is here in the UK this week to mark 60 years of Oxfam working in India, responding to emergencies and helping to pull millions of people out of poverty.  ...

Bolivian mountain landscape. Credit: Sally Rangecroft/Oxfam

Racing against the clock and against the elements

Researcher Sally Rangecroft has been racing against the clock and against chilling winds, snow storms, high altitude and limited daylight to complete her field work in Bolivia, where she is studying...

A worker holds up a handful of palm fruit at a South-east Asian plantation and mill supplying palm oil to Finnish biodiesel giant Neste Oil. Credit: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Hunger Grains – it's time to scrap the biofuels mandate

Oxfam economic policy adviser Ruth Kelly unveils her new paper, published today, on a really simple, bad policy that rich countries can fix - biofuels. ...

Focus group particpant Siti with her children.

Prices that bounce – the impact of food price rises on Indonesian rubber tappers

Oxfam and IDS are starting work on Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, a four-year project to track the human impact of food price rises in 10 countries. In the second of her posts on food price...

Jamila explaining that last year’s large minimum wage rise in the garments sector wasn’t enough to cope with inflation.

Why inflation is so unpopular – the experience of those living on precarious wages in Dhaka

As Oxfam and IDS start work on Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, a four-year project to track the human impact of food price rises in 10 countries,  Naomi Hossain of IDS explains that...

Children at school in Razak, Shar-i-Buzurg, Afghanistan. Credit: Elissa Bogos/Oxfam

International Literacy Day – helping children and young people to claim their rights to education

For over 40 years now, UNESCO has been celebrating International Literacy Day by reminding the international community that literacy is a human right and the foundation of all learning. ...

Aissata Abdoul Diop, a member of the Diawoud community women's cooperative. Due to lack of rain and rising food prices, people living in the Mauritanian Sahel are at risk of food insecurity

Extreme weather, extreme prices – what will more erratic weather do to food prices?

Tracy Carty, Climate Change Policy Adviser at Oxfam GB, on how more extreme weather events caused by climate change will affect food prices in the future. ...