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Date: Aug 2012

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Refugee families living in poverty in the Parwan-e-duo slum, Kabul, Afghanistan. Credit: Jason P. Howe/Oxfam

‘If we get it wrong, we put our staff at risk.’ The challenges of working in fragile contexts

Amanda Buttinger, Programme Coordinator for Within and Without the State, explores some of the challenges in engaging with fragile and conflict-affected contexts. ...

Women in La Paz. Credit: Sally Rangecroft/Oxfam.

Living in La Paz

Sally Rangecroft is conducting research into the water potential of rock glaciers in Bolivia in partnership with Oxfam and the Bolivian NGO Agua Sustenable. Here she shares the realities of conducting...

Harvesting potatoes in Chongoene, Limpopo Valley, Mozambique Credit: Joel Chiziane/OxfamAUS

Climate change and supply chains – is there a ‘business case’ for adaptation?

Oxfam recently invited 14 food companies and stakeholders, including Acclimatise, Café Direct, Marks & Spencer, Starbucks, The Body Shop and Waitrose, to discuss some of the issues raised by...

Collecting clean water in DRC. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Oxfam publishes advice on handling a cholera outbreak - but are we right?

Oxfam's Cholera Outbreak Guidelines were developed as an internal resource, but today we are sharing them externally in order to seek input from the international humanitarian community. We hope...

A lady carries away her food rations at Oxfam feeding programme in Mbare, Harare, Zimbabwe. Credit: Robin Hammond/Oxfam

Transparency take 2 – Oxfam publishes its second batch of IATI-compliant data

As Oxfam GB publishes its second batch of IATI-compliant data, Paul Clough explains our motivation for signing up to the transparency initiative. ...

Bertha Zapeta and Merida Cacao

Move your chair into the circle: Indigenous women’s political participation in Guatemala

Raising Her Voice works in 17 countries to promote the rights and ability of poor women to increase their influence and ensure their voices are heard so that those in power - from village leaders...