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Date: Jun 2012

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Sales of parts for weapons must be as tightly regulated as sale of weapons themselves, says Oxfam

New treaty must avoid leaving 'dangerous loophole' The prospective new international Arms Trade Treaty must regulate the sale of parts and components being used to maintain or manufacture...

FARDC troops (Congolese army), based in Dungu, Province Orientale, DR Congo. Credit: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Violence is a development issue

Professor Jenny Pearce has worked for more than three decades in violent contexts in Latin America and the North of England, here she talks about the role that violence plays in paralysing development.  ...

Testing the emergency well jetting equipment

Emergency well jetting — Oxfam humanitarian staff test out new kit

What do humanitarian staff do in their spare time? They have fun testing new kit, of course. Matt Carter shares his video of Oxfam water engineers trying their hand at well jetting. ...

Ines Smyth and Kyie Soe in Yangon

Learning to work in a consortium – an exchange between two practitioners

Senior Gender Adviser Ines Smyth is in Myanmar working on a project which aims to increase resillience to disasters. Here she discusses the realities of working in consoritum with Yangon-based...

A community march to protest about the lack of basic medicines in Malawi. Photo: WACRAD, Malawi.

Access to medicines in Malawi: a battle for all, even presidents

Empty pharmacy and hospital shelves are so common in Malawi that a phrase has been coined to describe them: 'stock-outs'. However, few would have expected a president to be affected, until...

Sahel conference

Sahel Crisis: A crucial conference

On Monday 18 June a high level meeting on the Sahel food crisis is being held in Brussels. This is a crucial opportunity for governments to show they are giving their fair share towards the food...

Storm in Illinois. Credit: Tim Sheets

The perfect storm hitting the UK's poorest and how to stop the next storm from brewing

In the UK, homelessness on the rise and the number of people relying on food parcels has doubled in the past year. Our research reveals that deep-seated inequality and draconian spending cuts are...

Rolling bidis by kerosene. Credit: SKRDPD

How good microfinance is funding sustainable energy in India

Microfinance sometimes gets a bad press but SKDRDP, this year's Ashden Gold Award winner, is a well-run microfinance organisation helping to meet the energy needs of low-income households in...

CDC women going to school in Dailekh

Raising Her Voice in Nepal: rekindling women's lifelong desire to go to school

When women in mid-western Nepal started attending community discussion classes, designed to promote community engagement, one of the unexpected outcomes was that many went back to school - for...

A doctor from Oxfam partner Pact in Bogale counsels a mother whose daughter has become dehydrated. Credit: Pact/Oxfam

Helping communities prepare for disasters. Part 1: the email exchange phase

Next week, Senior Gender Adviser Ines Smyth will be in Myanmar working on a new approach to disaster preparation that focuses on capacity rather than their vulnerability. Right now she's...