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Date: May 2012

8 Articles

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Awareness-raising session in Turkana. Credit: Jerusha Ouma/Oxfam

"We have a right to know" – boosting community participation in Turkana

Kenya's system of devolved budgets should give local people the opportunity to have a say in how community projects are funded. But what happens when no one knows that they have a right...

'Indignez vous' graffiti from Nantes. Credit: Freddy Mechin

Bad economics and bad arithmetic: austerity is not working

European leaders pushing austerity as the solution to the current economic crisis are guilty of bad economics, bad arithmetic and ignoring the lessons of history. That's  not just my view...

Adjusting the blade angle of Feyzabad's hydro turbine. Credit: GIZ/Ashden

Local energy provides peace, prosperity and accountability where big projects fail

Ahead of next week's Ashden Awards, John Magrath examines how one winner has brought electricity and employment to remote provinces of Afghanistan, showing that small projects that respond to...

Scottish Highlands. Credit: Ben Hurwitz

Islands of prosperity – how Scotland's regions compare on the Humankind Index

As the dust settles after this month's local elections, Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme in Scotland has assessed how the country's 32 local authorities have each performed according to the...

Masai pastoralists near the Tanzanian border of Kojiado District, Kenya

Drylands – change is needed but must be based on local knowledge and hard-won experience

Thirteen million people were affected by the drought in the Horn of Africa in 2010 and 2011. New approaches to drought management are needed but, as Vanessa Tilstone argues, these approaches must...

Harvesting potatoes in Chongoene, Limpopo Valley, Mozambique Credit: Joel Chiziane/OxfamAUS

Climate change adaptation – it's time we started talking about a revolution

The Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) has published its report on the effect that development projects are having on people's ability to deal with change. Simon Levine reflects...

Working in an apple orchard in Armenia

Three steps to developing workable ideas: explore, extract and enact

Where do new ideas come from? How do you produce an actionable, new idea? Nicholas Colloff outlines the 'explore, extract, enact' approach to innovation. ...

Pushing a barrel of water home, during drought in Mali. Credit: Dave Clark/Oxfam

Hunger in the Sahel and international arms control: what’s the link?

With the launch of The Devil is in the Detail, Oxfam's first in a series of five papers to be released in the run up to the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in July, Oxfam's arms trade policy...