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Date: Apr 2012

6 Articles

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Female Food Hero Ester Jarome Mtegule, from Tanzania, looks on at her picture in the AWID photo exhibition. Credit: Jameen Kaur/Oxfam

Oxfam and partners at AWID: 'Power is access to resources.'

At this year's AWID the Tanzanian Female Food Heroes have discovered that they shared challenges to access to land and food security with activists from around the world. ...

Flag and 'no guns' logo on one of the Oxfam vehicles in Kitgum town. Credit: Geoff Sayer/ OXFAM

Arms control – will the UK government push for an effective Arms Trade Treaty?

Ed Cairns, Oxfam's senior policy adviser on conflict and author of a new paper, Stay on Target, lays out the case for governments to hold out for a top quality Arms Trade Treaty as negotiations...

Humankind Index logo

Measuring Scotland's quality of life. The Humankind Index puts people at the heart of policymaking

Katherine Trebeck on the launch of the Humankind Index in Scotland. ...

Female Food Hero, Ester Jarome Mtegule.

Keeping the show on the road – at AWID and beyond

Gender & Development editor Caroline Sweetman on what happened when she didn't go to the AWID (Association of Women in Development) Forum last week.  ...

Hygiene promotion session, Shikapur, Pakistan. Credit: Timothy Allen/Oxfam

Building the skills needed in a vulnerable world: the launch of the Context Programme

Sarah Lumsdon on the launch of a groundbreaking new training programme, which draws on the experience of 15 leading humanitarian agencies. ...

Women smallholder farmers in Malawi

Transforming economic power to advance women's rights

Chloe Safier on the power of collaborative action, ahead of the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) Forum, which takes place in Istanbul from April 19 to 22 2012. ...