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Date: Feb 2012

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Bangalore City. Credit:

Made in Bangalore – how social enterprise is transforming business-as-usual in India

Oxfam's renewed interest in urban issues and a partnership with India's Centre for Social Markets), led Pushpanath Krishnamurthy to be involved in a new study on social innovation in India:...

Sri Lanka seed bank. Credit: Abir Abdullah/Oxfam

A new partnership to address an old problem – why Oxfam is involved in SME impact investing

Why is Oxfam launching an SME impact investment fund? Nicholas Colloff on a new project which aims to tackle poverty by addressing a lack of SME finance in the global South. ...

Women smallholder farmers in Malawi

Beyond Gender Mainstreaming – what's changed since Beijing 1995?

Two decades after the phrase 'gender mainstreaming' was first coined at the 1995 Beijing UN World Conference on Women, the Gender & Development journal gathered leading feminists from...

Collecting water in Lafole, Somalia. Credit: Oxfam Novib

A shift in focus: putting the interests of Somalis first

As delegates gather for the London Somali Conference, a new Oxfam briefing note calls for the country's humanitarian and developmental needs to be the top priority. Regional Campaigns and Policy...

Cover of the UN of the Global Sustainability Panel report, 'Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing'

Reviving Rio? Global Sustainability Panel Report throws a life-ring

Promising, but needs to go further. Sarah Best gives Oxfam's verdict on the UN's High-Level Panel Report on Global Sustainability. ...

Hasina Begum, from Char Atra island, Shariatpur, Bangladesh, who has been forced to move home five times due to river erosion

Is doughnut economics too Western? Critique from a Latin American environmentalist

Latin American environmentalist Eduardo Gudynas takes on the doughnut from a deeper green perspective for uncritically accepting western concepts of 'development'. ...

Drought in Mali. Credit: Dave Clark

Sustainability meets development: earth scientists respond to the doughnut.

Leading earth scientists, Mark Stafford Smith and Will Steffen respond to Kate Raworth's 'doughnut' concept. Will Steffen is a co-author of the original paper on nine planetary boundaries...

Ring of life overview

Can we live inside the doughnut? Why we need planetary and social boundaries

Kate Raworth summarises Oxfam's new discussion paper, as she asks whether we can ensure both a sustainable planet and social equity. This builds on a concept she launched in October...

Evacuation in Bangladesh following Cyclone Aila

Crises in a new world order: challenging the humanitarian project

Ed Cairns, Oxfam's senior policy adviser on this kind of thing, introduces a big rethink of Oxfam's humanitarian work. ...

Computer keyboard. Credit: ekieram

Is digital campaigning just 'clicktivism'?

Digital campaigning has been an undoubted success, but can it move beyond mere clicktivism? ...