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Date: Jan 2012

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The G20 2010 Seoul Summit

Hunting for green growth in the G20

The G20 has committed to sustainable growth, but Kate Raworth asks if it has really been making its growth go green?   ...

Poor families live alongside their livestock in filthy environments, only metres away from glittering signs of wealth and progress. Jason P. Howe/Oxfam GB

Left behind by the G20? It's time to tackle inequality

Inequality is firmly back on the agenda, as a new Oxfam report examines how it increases poverty and threatens future economic growth.   ...

Women at a livestock fair in Zimbabwe. Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam

It's not 'inclusive growth' if it doesn't include women

Gender inequality must be tackled if the G20 is to achieve its commitment to 'inclusive growth', argues Caroline Green.   ...

Well-digging in Turkana. Irina Fuhrmann/Intermón Oxfam

The Horn of Africa – why did help arrive so late?

Many thousands of lives could have been saved in the Horn of Africa if the international community had responded to the early warning signs. ...

Patricia Parsitau on the stump

Meetings with remarkable women

On a trip to Kenya, Duncan Green has met with some remarkable women working for Oxfam in the country. Here, he relates just a few of their stories.   ...

Ecole Christophe de Port-au-Prince was totally destroyed in the quake. Its rebuilt in a very make-shift location. Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Haiti two years on – recovery amongst the rubble

Lucy Davies visited Haiti just before devastating the earthquake of 2010. She returned last November and here reports on the reconstruction progress being made there. ...

Smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam

From 'pay as you go' to 'share and grow' — can mobile phones help small farmers?

Small farmers produce 80% of the food consumed in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, but struggle to feed themselves. Can mobile phone technology help? ...