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Date: Dec 2011

6 Articles

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Dried reservoir of Lam Takhong Dam, in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. Credit: EPA/VINAI DITHAJOHN

Climate change, can we sue? New climate change litigation book launched at COP17

After the negotiations at Durban, a new book explores the role of litigation in bringing about climate justice. ...

Food market in Bara Gaon, India. Oxfam/Tom Pietrasik

A year in ferment: differing views from the old north and south

While the global south has experienced some uplifting changes, the north is enveloped by a Euro-gloom of crisis and decline, says Duncan Green.   ...

A female protester in Tahir Square with Egyptian flag. Credit: Mosa'ab Elshamy

Citizenship at a time of change: women's rights and the Arab Spring

Gender & Development editor Caroline Sweetman looks at the issue of citizenship, particularly in the context of the civil resistance movements in the Middle East.   ...

Villagers leaving a flood-affected village in Assam, northeast India, October 2008

The Durban climate deal failed to meet the needs of the developing world

The prospect of a delayed and potentially unjust global climate change pact is of no consolation to those already affected by climate change.   ...

Tahir Square, Cairo, Egypt, 1 February 2011. Oxfam/Omar Karim Kamel

Power to the people – the aftermath of the Arab Spring

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, one challenge will be how external western actors can support human rights without undermining the transitions by occupying the driving seat. ...

Technician, Isabelle Chianlec prepares the blood for the CD4 count machine. Kuito hospital, Angola

Reaching the marginalised in the race to zero – zero infections, discrimination, and AIDS related-deaths

More people than ever before can now access HIV and AIDS treatment, on World Aids Day guest blogger Ellen Bajenja of ACORD asks if this reflects the reality for marginalised communities in sub-Saharan...