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Simone Lombardini

Global Impact Evaluation Adviser

Simone Lombardini

Simone Lombardini is a global impact evaluation adviser at Oxfam GB. He provides specialist advice on tools, methods and process for undertaking rigorous impact evaluation on Oxfam's projects. He is currently working on a range of focused evaluations of a random sample of Oxfam's projects in order to capture and communicate our effectiveness as an organisation and promote effective learning.

Simone previously worked as research officer in the research team, and prior to joining Oxfam, he worked at the Department of International Development of Oxford University on research projects with a focus on poverty and vulnerability. He has been involved in two randomised control trials on health micro-insurance in Kenya and land titling in Tanzania. Previously, Simone worked at the Mexican Migration Project in Mexico, Centro Studi Luca d'Agliano in Italy, and Innovation for Poverty Action in Peru.

Simone graduated in economics from University of Milano-Bicocca and holds an MSc in development economics from the University of Sussex.

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