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Rachel Wilshaw

Ethical Trade Manager

Rachel Wilshaw

Rachel Wilshaw is the Ethical Trade Manager for Oxfam GB and a board member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. Her role involves advocacy and advice to companies on best practice in relation to labour rights in global supply chains. She is based in the Private Sector team of Oxfam's Campaigns, Policy and Influencing Team. Rachel co-authored 3 Oxfam reports published in 2013: 'Labour Rights in Unilever's Supply Chain: from Compliance Towards Good Practice' with Unilever, 'Understanding Wage Issues in the Tea Industry' with Ethical Tea Partnership and 'Bouquets and Beans from Kenya', a poverty footprint study with IPL/Asda. 

Rachel worked previously as Oxfam GB's purchasing strategy manager, responsible for procurement infrastructure, competences, policies and procedures. She qualified as a procurement professional with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in 2005. Prior to that, she was the lead on the implementation of Oxfam's ethical purchasing policy with the charity's own suppliers, from retail and campaign products to cleaning services. She qualified as an ethical auditor with Social Accountability International in 2000 and led audits in the UK and India. Rachel established Oxfam GB's first environmental programme, Oxfam Green, in 2002 leading campaigns to highlight usage of paper, electricity and air travel to staff. She spent the 1990s with Oxfam GB's Fair Trade programme, first as a customer-facing communications officer, then later as a monitoring and evaluation officer, developing standards for Fair Trade crafts, for which no Fairtrade label was available. She has also organised exhibitions of modern art, following an English Literature degree from Cambridge University and a Diploma in Art History from University of Oxford.

In June 2013, Rachel's work was profiled by The Financial Times in the article The Supply Chain Inquisitor and by the website Business Fights Poverty.

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