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Phil Bloomer

Former Director of the Campaigns and Policy Division

Phil Bloomer

After 18 years at Oxfam, Phil Bloomer has now left to become Executive Director at the Business and Humans Rights Resource Centre

Phil joined Oxfam GB in 1995, and became Director of the Campaigns and Policy Division in 2005. His team has led on the global GROW campaign for food justice in a resource-constrained world, humanitarian protection and assistance in crisis situations, and the provision of essential health and education for all. 

Previously, Phil was the head of Oxfam International's Make Trade Fair campaign to achieve trade rules that work for the poor as well as the rich. Phil was also the Head of Advocacy at Oxfam running teams responsible for research, policy development and lobbying.

Before joining Oxfam, Phil worked for eleven years in Latin America on international economic justice issues, human rights and humanitarian emergencies.

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