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Nicholas Colloff

Director of Innovation

Nicholas Colloff

Nicholas is the Director of Innovation at Oxfam GB tasked with helping improve the impact of Oxfam GB's long term development programming. He is presently focused on small enterprise financing, how to lever change at scale and urban programming.

Prior to his elevation to this new role (to him as well as to Oxfam GB), he was Oxfam GB's Country Director in Russia, where the programme focused domestically on urban livelihood and access to basic services, and internationally on Russia's resumed global role as donor and climate change actor.

Before Oxfam GB, Nicholas was a serial social entrepreneur in both heading a venture philanthropy fund, now Andrews Charitable Trust, and working directly with a number of its off-shoots including Opportunity International (in micro-finance) and Basic Needs (in mental health & development). He is a founder of two micro-finance institutions: Moznosti in Macedonia and FORA (now FORUS Bank) in Russia.  He has lived in Indonesia, Macedonia, Russia, the United States as well as the UK.

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