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Laurie Adams

Previously the Women's Rights Director

Laurie Adams

Laurie Adams was Oxfam's Women's Rights Director, and is an activist for economic and social justice. Laurie's work began in the anti-apartheid and international solidarity movements, she went on to work on human rights and development across Africa and globally, serving in the leadership of three of Oxfam's Africa regions and leading accountability and learning systems for the ActionAid International Secretariat globally. 

In the UK, Laurie has worked for the Coalition Against Poverty and the URBAN Regeneration Initiative. Laurie has also raised two sons and remained active in women's rights and LGBTI movements in South Africa (where she lived for 15 of the last 25 years) including with the Women's National Coalition, The Rural Women's Movement, the 1 in 9 campaign, the Forum for the Empowerment of Women, and The Other Foundation. 

Laurie has an MSc in Public Policy from SOAS, a BA in Government/Education and Gender Studies from Dartmouth, and is an alumni of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Programme.

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