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Katherine Trebeck

Senior Researcher

Katherine Trebeck

Katherine is Senior Researcher in Oxfam's Research Team where she is exploring an economy that delivers social justice, good lives, vibrant communities and which protects the planet. Her forthcoming book 'Arrival' (co-authored with Jeremy Williams) explores a new mantra for development that shifts attention from growth to quality and distribution of economic activity as we seek to 'make ourselves at home' in a wealthy world.

Before her current role Katherine was Policy and Advocacy Manager for Oxfam's UK Programme, and prior to this she led research and policy for Oxfam's Scotland office. Here she developed Oxfam's Humankind Index, a measure of Scotland's real prosperity developed through wide ranging community consultation (see her Tedx talk outlining the need for the Humankind Index). She also managed Oxfam's Whose Economy? project which asked why, despite decades of economic growth, Scotland's poverty has not been addressed and inequalities have deepened.

From 2005 to 2008 Katherine was a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. Her work there included analysis of community development, corporate social responsibility and social housing.

Katherine has a PhD in political science from the Australian National University (her thesis considered techniques utilised by Aboriginal communities to compel mining companies to recognise and respond to community demands). She is an Honorary Professor at the University of the West of Scotland, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, and was part of the GIZ Global Leadership Academy's New Economic Paradigm project. Katherine was a Commissioner on the Fairer Fife Commission and WWF Scotland's Low Carbon Infrastructure Task Force. She is on the Board of Ethical Scotland and is Rapporteur for Club de Madrid's Working Group on Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies.

You can follow Katherine on twitter @ktrebeck.

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