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Kate Raworth

Senior Researcher

Kate Raworth

Kate's research is focused on rethinking global economic development in the face of planetary boundaries and extreme global inequalities - including discussions of green economy, and new measures of development. She has previously conducted research for Oxfam GB on climate change, adaptation and human rights, agricultural trade, labour rights in global supply chains, and designing research for advocacy and campaigning.

Prior to joining Oxfam GB she spent four years as Co-author and Economist of UNDP's Human Development Report. From 1994-97 she was a Fellow of the Overseas Development Institute, working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Zanzibar. She holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and a masters degree in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford.

All posts by Kate Raworth

Ring of life overview

Can we live inside the doughnut? Why we need planetary and social boundaries

Kate Raworth summarises Oxfam's new discussion paper, as she asks whether we can ensure both a sustainable planet and social equity. This builds on a concept she launched in October...

The G20 2010 Seoul Summit

Hunting for green growth in the G20

The G20 has committed to sustainable growth, but Kate Raworth asks if it has really been making its growth go green?   ...

The Nine Planetary Boundaries, Rockström et al 2009, Stockholm Resilience Centre

From planetary ceilings to social floors: can we live inside the doughnut?

Earth system scientists introduced the concept of 'planetary boundaries' in 2009. Now Kate Raworth argues that we should aim to live within social boundaries too.   ...