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Jonathan Lain

Economist, World Bank Group

Jonathan Lain

Before moving on from Oxfam GB, Jonathan worked as a Global Impact Evaluation Adviser. He provided specialist advice on tools, methods, and processes for undertaking rigorous impact evaluation on Oxfam's projects. He worked on a range of focused evaluations of a random sample of Oxfam's projects in order to capture and communicate Oxfam's effectiveness as an organisation and promote effective learning. He worked in particular on evaluating projects aimed at building resilience.

Prior to joining Oxfam, Jonathan completed a PhD in Economics at Oxford University. He previously worked as a Research Consultant for the World Bank and as a Research Assistant for the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), where he conducted fieldwork in collaboration with the Ghana Statistical Office on collecting the Ghana Household Urban Panel Survey and the Ghana High-Frequency Labour Force Survey in 2013. Before that, he completed an MSc in Economics for Development, with distinction, at Oxford University and received a First Class degree, also from Oxford University, in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

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