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Jacky Repila

Programme Learning Officer

Jacky Repila

Jacky is currently responsible for helping Oxfam reflect on, and learn from, its programme experience. Previously she was the learning and communications officer for Raising Her Voice, our five year programme supporting initiatives to enhance women's participation in local and national leadership and governance structures in 17 countries worldwide.

Prior to joining Oxfam, Jacky was at Christian Aid for 10 years: most recently as Senior Capacity Building Officer and 6 years as Programme Manager supporting the partnerships and programmes in West Africa.

With a background as a teacher, trainer and counsellor Jacky has a passionate belief in the value of developing transformational relationships to bring about personal change and to catalyse social movements for structural change.

Jacky has a strong connection to the UK voluntary sector through her links to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and notably their work around debt and benefits advice.

All posts by Jacky Repila

Some of the 70 participants at network sharing events in Armenia, Dec 2016

What makes networks tick? Learning from (a lot of) experience

When are networks the right response to a development challenge (as opposed to a monumental talking shop and more hot air than action)?  Andrew Wells-Dang, Stéphanie de Chassy, Benoit Trudel,...

Protestors in Mexico, a mass grave has been found outside Iguala after 43 students went missing. Photo credit: Reuters

Power to the people: how civil society protects human rights

When civil society is threatened so are human rights. To mark the UN's Human Rights Day, Jacky Repila takes the pulse of civil society around the world and comes away both worried and heartened. ...

Raising Her Voice copyright 2014 Cognitive"

87 seconds to capture five years of change. Can it be done?

It may not have had a red carpet premiere, but as Jacky Repila explains, the Raising Her Voice animation, launched this week is cause for celebration. Here, she gives us her guide to the making of...

Veeru Kohli. Credit: Sara Faruqi/

Veeru Kohli – the ultimate outsider

When Veeru Kohli stood as independent candidate in Hyderabad's provincial elections on 11  May 2013 she made history. Jacky Repila explains how Oxfam's Raising Her Voice programme...

Image from the alternate court against femicide

'We will not allow their deaths to go unpunished.' Join the day of action against femicide in Honduras

A day of action is taking place in Honduras on Wednesday to show solidarity with the 3,000 mothers, daughters and sisters who have been violently killed in that country in the last decade. Jacky...

History is made as Nigeria passes domestic violence law

As we celebrate Nigeria's parliamentary approval of a landmark bill on gender based violence, we ask what, and who, made the difference the third time around? ...

The Mmusi family alongside Raising Her Voice logo

"My father, my home" — Botswana ruling in favour of daughters' right to inherit

A recent ruling giving four Botswana sisters the right to inherit their family home adds to the growing tide of legislative change giving men and women equal rights to land and property. ...