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Genevive Estacaan

Communications Officer

Genevive Estacaan

Genevive is a communications officer for Oxfam in the Philippines. She has just completed a brief deployment to Oxfam's Nepal response to set up internal communications systems. Genevive previously worked as an information and communications officer on Oxfam's response to Typhoon Haiyan.

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Rama, 40. He fled his home with his family when the earthquake began. He now finds shelter in Tundikhe IDP camp, Kathmandu. He would like to go back to his home and has a plan to rebuild it. Oxfam provided water to 15.000 people here. Credit@ Pablo Tosco/Nepal

Mobilizing community health volunteers in Nepal

Providing water and sanitation, and public health promotion to help communities stay safe, are key parts of Oxfam's Nepal Earthquake response. Here Genevive Estacaan explains how Oxfam is training...