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Ed Cairns

Senior Policy Adviser, Research

Ed Cairns

Edmund currently leads on Oxfam GB's humanitarian advocacy research, and has been involved in Oxfam's advocacy on most of the biggest humanitarian crises since the early 1990s.

He has worked as Oxfam's Head of the Humanitarian and Security Issues Team from 2000 to 2005, Emergencies Manager in the Humanitarian Department, and Oxfam's first Programme Officer in Moscow in 1992, amongst other roles.

His key publications include A Safer Future (1997) and For a Safer Tomorrow (2008) as well as numerous Oxfam briefing papers on humanitarian, peace and security issues, including Oxfam's Genocide in Rwanda paper in April 1994, one of the first condemnations of the genocide and calls for international action to halt it.

His latest paper, Crises in a New World Order: Challenging the Humanitarian Project is a call to build Southern capacity to respond to humanitarian need.

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