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Ben Phillips

Previously the Campaigns Director

Ben Phillips

Before he left Oxfam GB Ben Phillips was the Campaigns Director. He has lived and worked in four continents and 10 cities including New Delhi and Washington DC. 

He began his development career at the grassroots, as a teacher and ANC activist living in Mamelodi township, South Africa, in 1994, just after the end of Apartheid.

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Open pit mining at Jaenschwalde, Germany. Photo: Christian Mang/Greenpeace

Why tackling global poverty means we must break our fossil fuel addiction

Climate change is already making people hungry. As we launch our new briefing paper calling for tougher action on fossil fuels, our campaigns director Ben Phillips explains why we need to break our...

Sunrise in Barguna Sadar, Bangladesh. Credit: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Changes we want to see in 2014

At the dawn of 2014 time is running out for the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). How is the world doing? In the spirit of new  year optimism we asked nine Oxfam experts what...

Ahmed, 19, Mohammed, 5 and Sami, 7, sit in the small room in which they live, with their mother and 5 more relatives. Credit: Luca Sola/Oxfam

Syria's refugees and the kindness of strangers

Last week Ben Phillips, Campaigns and Policy Director, visited Syrian refugee families living in Lebanon. Here, he shares their stories of survival and kindness experienced in hostile conditions....

Oxfam workers in Gendrassa camp in South Sudan unload crates containing water pipes and motors that will provide clean water to thousands of refugees. Credit: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

Aid: a musty relic of a bygone age, or a lifesaver needed today?

Ben Phillips gives a personal reflection on the struggle for aid justice and why the time is right to give aid the credit it deserves.   ...

Oxfam's partner ALDEF delivers WFP food to Jowhar village, Wajir. Credit: Anna Ridout/Oxfam

Aid works – but it could do better

Ben Phillips, Campaigns Director at Oxfam outlines how aid has helped save and change lives throughout the world , and how its impact can be increased.  ...