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Hear about the Grow campaign at DSA

Posted by Duncan Green Senior Strategic Adviser

15th Sep 2011

Development Studies Association conference logo

Oxfam is holding a panel on the GROW campaign at the Development Studies Association conference next week. Duncan Green drums up trade here.

If you're heading for the UK's annual Development Studies talkathon in York next week, why not drop in to Oxfam's panel on the new GROW campaign, catchily titled 'Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty: New Values, Voices and Alliances'?

It's on Wednesday 21 September at 2.30 in room 123 in Vanbrugh College, and features the following line-up of top notch gabsters (and me):

  • How does Oxfam campaign for change? What is the link to research? Duncan Green, Oxfam researcher
  • Food justice in a resource constrained world, Rob Bailey. Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) and Exfam (Rob wrote the launch report for the campaign)
  • Rethinking economics for a hungry and fragile planet, Kate Raworth, Oxfam researcher, leading on new economics
  • Engaging northern publics: major blocks and new solutions, Martin Kirk, head of UK campaigns and frames obsessive
  • Discussant: Claire Melamed, head of Growth and Equity team, Overseas Development Institute (and she has never worked for Oxfam.)

In June 2011, Oxfam launched GROW, its new, four year global campaign on the theme of 'food justice in a resource-constrained world'. The campaign, the most ambitious since 'Make Poverty History' in 2005, links the issues of hunger, resource constraints and climate change and arguing for a paradigmatic shift both in thinking and policy to respond to the new challenges created the combination of rising hunger, increasing climate chaos, and binding constraints on resources such as water, carbon and fertile soil.

In this panel, speakers will set out the thinking and research that underpins the campaign, and explain how Oxfam seeks to achieve change through a combination of public mobilization and elite influencing.

Oxfam's Cat Pettengell and Jo Lofthouse are also starring in a panel on building the capacity of communities to adapt to climate change: Thursday at 2.30 in room P/L002 at the exhibition centre.

Blog post written by Duncan Green

Senior Strategic Adviser

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