‘Measuring the unmeasurable’: gender mainstreaming and cultural change

‘Measuring the unmeasurable’: gender mainstreaming and cultural change
14 pages

Kloosterman, Jeanette
Benning, Esther
Fyles, Rex

Sweetman, Caroline
Gender & Development Volume Issue

Publication date
07 Nov 2012


Oxfam GB

Journal article

In this article, Oxfam Novib presents part of the results of the implementation of the Measuring Milestones Initiative, which aimed to make visible deep changes related to gender equality in the structure and culture of development organisations and their programmes in the communities where they work. Some conclusions from 123 Most Significant Change stories are that continuous and consistent work on gender mainstreaming does induce transformational change in favour of gender justice. The analysis of the stories made clear that transformation is about small steps forward. It became also clear that change in gender relations can start in different ways - there is not ‘one way to go’ in this complex matter. To measure these changes various tools should be used, as they are complementary and generate different information.


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