Effectiveness Review: Chukua Hatua Tanzania

Effectiveness Review: Chukua Hatua Tanzania
55 pages

Smith, Richard D.
Kishekya, Dunstan

Publication date
21 Oct 2013

Oxfam GB

Evaluation report

The Chukua Hatua is a five-year governance and accountability initiative being implemented by Oxfam GB and partners in five regions in Tanzania. The goal of Chukua Hatua is to increase the accountability and responsiveness of government to its citizens. The programme aims to achieve this by creating active citizenship; that is citizens who know their rights and responsibilities, are demanding them, and are able to search for and access information. The philosophy of the programme, as strongly encouraged by both the funder and Oxfam, is for a continuous cycle of planning, monitoring, reflection, learning and adaptation, and the programme has been continuously evolving since its inception, in response to changes in the context and learning about what works and what doesn’t. This report documents the findings of a qualitative impact evaluation, which brought process tracing together with elements of Outcome Harvesting (building on an Outcome Mapping monitoring and evaluation approach being used by the programme) to assess the effectiveness of the project.