Project effectiveness reviews

Villagers in Pakistan participate in an emergency drill, part of a disaster risk reduction (DRR) programme run by Oxfam and its local partner, the Doaba Foundation.

At a glance

Effectiveness reviews determine the impact of our projects and the degree to which they meet agreed standards.


Oxfam operates in 52 countries, across 227 different programmes, within which sit over 1000 projects that are designed to help end world poverty. With an annual budget of £268.9 million, we are deeply committed to being accountable for what we do and improving how we understand and communicate our effectiveness. Our effectiveness reviews aim to evidence the effectiveness of our work using robust and reputable methods.

Effectiveness Reviews form part of our Global Performance Framework, developed to better capture and communicate Oxfam's effectiveness and promote evidence based learning. To be fully accountable, we want to determine whether our work is resulting in positive change and why. The undertaking of rigorous evaluations is the only credible way of doing this. With over 400 projects completing each year, doing full impact evaluations on each of these would be too resource intensive. Instead, projects are randomly selected and assessed under the thematic areas (see the 'Find a review' tab for links to themes). 

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