Krisnah Poinasamy

Krisnah Poinasamy

Areas of work

Economic Justice Policy Adviser, UK Poverty Programmme


Office Location: Oxford, UK

Krisnah is an economic justice policy adviser for the UK Poverty Programme (UKPP) in Oxfam GB.

He has led on a range of UK policy areas; including labour rights, immigration and equality. Recently, he co-authored a paper on how tackling tax evasion could help overcome poverty in the UK.

Prior to joining Oxfam, Krisnah worked at Crisis, the homelessness charity, where he was part of their campaign to eradicate rough sleeping in London. He has also held human rights advocacy positions in Medact, Minority Rights Group and HEDCON (an NGO in India).

Krisnah has a masters in human rights law from Nottingham.