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Open information and transparency

Collecting water from a new Oxfam installed, borehole in Turkana, Kenya, April 2012. Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

Oxfam is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders, in particular people living in poverty. We share information with people living in poverty, partner organisations, and the general public, and we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and host governments. The information we publish and how we respond to requests for information are important aspects of accountability.


We are currently publishing data compliant to the transparency standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

IATI aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. As a result we have started to publish basic information about our projects. This also reflects the commitment to transparency outlined in our Open Information policy.

Our data

The information we publish relates to all our international projects and includes the project ID, project title, short description of the project, project start and end date, country of impact, per cent of strategic aims, expenditure for projects active since  2010/11, and revised budget for current and future financial years by project. For projects active from April 2013, we have also published names and grant details for many donors and partners and some documents relating to DFID contracts.

Publication of our data will now happen each quarter, after our accounts have closed for that period. Projects have been omitted from the published list in line with the exclusions in our Open Information policy including for the reasons of staff security or because of harm to our operations.

Our latest set of Oxfam GB internationally comparable data has now been published through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) registry in XML format in line with IATI standards - this is a common data format to allow data users to compare across different organisations across the sector.

Data set   Explanation
Reference Number  IATI reference of project  (includes Oxfam GB reference)
 Title of Activity  Title of project
 Description  Short description of project
 Location (Country or Region)  Location of impact of project
 Status  Whether in implementation or completion at time of report
 Start Date  Date project started
 End Date  Projected end date of project (may change)

Aim of Activity %  A Sustainable Livelihood Allocation in % to strategic aim of Sustainable Livelihoods
Education and Health Care Allocation in % to strategic aim of Essential services (Health and education)
Life and Security Allocation in % to strategic aim of Life and Security (assistance and protection to people caught up in conflict or disasters)
Right to be Heard Allocation in % to strategic aim of Right to be Heard (enabling people to influence decisions that affect their lives)
Right to Equity: Gender and Diversity Right to Equity: Gender and Diversity Allocation in % to strategic aim of the right to be equal (primarily addressing gender inequality)
Expenditure prior to 2010/11 GBP Spend in £ in the years preceding 2010/11
Expenditure in 2010/11 GBP Total spend in £ in year to March 2011
Expenditure in 2011/12 GBP Total spend in £ in year to March 2012
Expenditure in 2012/13 GBP Total spend in £ in year to March 2013
Expenditure in 2013/14 GBP Total spend in £ in year to March 2014
Expenditure in 2014/15 GBP
Total spend in £ in year to March 2015
Expenditure so far in 2015/ 16 GBP  Total Spend in £ so far in the year to March 2016
Budget 2015/16 onwards GBP Adjusted budget in current and future years
Total value GBP (previous years expenditure plus current and future years budget) Spend in previous years + budget in current and future years
Organisations giving money (since April 2013) List of donors to Oxfam GB
Organisations spending money (since April 2013) List of partners of Oxfam GB 
Links to relevant documents URL for documents relating to this project/activity

Information requests

IATI logoEmail us for more information or questions about our data or process or contact:

Oxfam Supporter Relations
Oxfam House
John Smith Drive

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