If your query is not answered by these FAQs, please see our contact us page.

How can I read publications online?

All of our publications are available to download free as PDFs. To read PDFs you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Oxfam's PDFs are set up so they can be saved and printed, but they cannot be edited and then saved.

This site also offers a 'Look inside' facility which you can access from the icon on the publication cover. The 'Look inside' facility enables you to read the document online in full (in most cases). This facility is provided using the Oxfam GB Scribd profile, if you are a Scribd user you can access and save all Oxfam's publications via your personal profile.

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Why can't I 'look inside' journal articles?

The 'Look inside' option is not available on our journal articles as we do not host the PDF files. Access to article PDFs is provided by our publishing partner Taylor & Francis Online.

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Why are some publications only available to download in separate chapter PDFs?

Many of our publications published prior to 2006 are only available to download in separate PDF chapters or sections, this is because these files were digitised from the hard copy and were created in sections to keep the download file size to a minimum. In most cases you can use the 'Look inside' facility to view the contents page to see what section of the book you require. Please note that for these publications the 'Look inside' facility will show the first section of the publication only. Publications published from 2006 onwards should be available to download as a single PDF file.

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How can I buy priced publications?

Oxfam GB's book publishing programme is managed by Practical Action Publishing. Oxfam books are available to order online through the Development Bookshop operated by Practical Action Publishing. Here you can view a full list of the Oxfam books available to buy. 

To order Oxfam publications offline, to request a catalogue, or for inspection copy requests please contact:

Practical Action Publishing
The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development
Bourton on Dunsmore
CV23 9QZ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1926 634501
Fax: +44 (0) 1926 634502
Email: publishinginfo@practicalaction.org.uk
Website: www.practicalactionpublishing.org

Our publications are also available in local currency from Practical Action Publishing's network of international distributors.

Note that Oxfam's Country or Regional Offices do not hold stocks of our books for sale.

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How can I get permission to translate, reprint or quote from Oxfam publications?

1. Translations

If you would like to translate and publish parts or all of any Oxfam publication, please contact us with your proposal using the translation form: available as either as a Word document (90KB) or as a PDF (115KB).

2. Reprinting Oxfam publications

Oxfam wishes to support the onward dissemination of its content by others, but needs to keep track of the impact of its published work. If you want to reprint in full any Oxfam publications, or include whole items in compilations or digital databases, you need to secure permission. Please use the permission form: you can download this as either a Word document (74KB) or as a PDF (81KB).

3. Quoting from Oxfam publications

Oxfam wishes to support the onward dissemination of its content by others, but needs to keep track of the impact of its published work. If you wish to quote material from Oxfam's publications you will, in most cases, need to secure permission.

You do not need to request permission if you are quoting short extracts from our publications for the purpose of review or comment, or to quote our material in a research paper, dissertation or any other type of report prepared as part of an academic or professional course, including school projects and coursework. 

Full guidance on our permissions process is available in our permissions guide (39KB PDF). When you contact us, please use the permission form: available as either a Word document (74KB) or as a PDF (81KB).

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How can I write for Oxfam?

Most of our publications are produced through Oxfam's own programme, research and advocacy work. However, if you would like to discuss a proposal or joint publishing project, please email us at policyandpractice@oxfam.org.uk.

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How can I work with Oxfam?

If you have an idea for a collaborative publishing or communications project with Oxfam, or want to propose distribution or aggregation projects for our online products, please email us at policyandpractice@oxfam.org.uk

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What are the sources for materials published on this website?

This website includes materials published by Oxfam GB, by other affiliates of the Oxfam Confederation, and by Oxfam International. Some materials are produced by multi-agency consortia of which Oxfam is a member, or by Oxfam partners. In all cases the original publisher is listed. Oxfam GB is not responsible for the content of materials published by others.

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How can I keep up-to-date with Oxfam publications?

To stay in touch you can sign up to one of our thematic RSS feeds, or follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to the monthly Oxfam Policy & Practice newsletter, which is a digest of all the latest publications, blogs, project updates and staff profiles. 

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Not found what you're looking for?

Contact us at policyandpractice@oxfam.org.uk or see our contact us page for more ways to contact Oxfam.

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