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Nigerian men play cards in a camp for IDPs and refugees, Diffa Region, Niger

The ladies' room

Kerry Akers talks about the careful considerations and interdisciplinary collaboration needed to ensure that protection work is not based on harmful assumptions. ...

Oxfam Brazil interviewing their partner at AWID

'We want recognition of our uniqueness' - Interview with Criola NGO in Brazil

OPINION: Oxfam recently attended the 13th international AWID Forum, a unique space for women's rights organization and feminist movements to come together. We took this opportunity to...

Women's participation and leadership

Moving from individual to collective change for women's participation in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan Region of Iraq

With women making up only 19% of parliament in the Middle East and North Africa region, understanding the factors preventing women from taking part in decision-making processes is vital. Here, Julie...

Julius Ceaser Kasujja/Oxfam

Why we can’t talk about one without the other: sexual and reproductive rights and women’s economic empowerment

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  So far in our Her Series we've touched on various issues from the effects of unpaid care to gender equality and global institutions....

Vincent Tremeau / Oxfam

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Cash Transfer Programming

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  Cash Transfer Programmes (CTP) are increasingly becoming more popular in relief response, but how can they help women's economic...

Renu Bala, President of the Panjhorvanga Dairy Enterprise

As things stand, women's economic empowerment is unlikely to be achieved

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  Today the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) launches a new report on women's economic empowerment. As part of our Her...

Tommy Trenchard/ Oxfam

Women's economic empowerment: balancing rights with responsibilities

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  How should we balance the rights and responsibilities for women's economic empowerment? Elizabeth Fraser from the Cherie...

CBM. Rassi is 18 and has a physical impairment as a result of Malaria. She has received physiotherapy, vocational training as a sewer and equipment to start her business in her home village. She is now a successful businesswoman - and is also starting teaching others to become sewers.

Let's take a bigger leap for women with disabilities and economic empowerment

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  In this latest addition to her our Her Series, we look at the barriers women with disabilities face. Hannah Loryman from CBM...

Grace Aciro with her family in Loigolo village in Alaa Parish, is located in the extreme north of Lamwo district in northern Uganada

For women's economic empowerment we need more caring men

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment In this latest installment to our Her Series, we take a look at the part men can play in unpaid care.  Nina Ford from Promundo-US,...

Volunteer Theresa B Kamara leads a community workshop (Tommy Trenchard/ Oxfam)

High Level Panel must support women’s collective action as key to realising women’s economic rights

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment The UN High Level Panel for Women's Economic Empowerment is seen as an important step in gender equality. But how can it ensure...