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A small holder farmer in Rwanda on her mobile phone. Credit: Alvaro Valverde/Oxfam

Influencing mobile network operators and partners to work for women and sustainable agriculture

Oxfam recently embarked on an innovative partnership in mNutrition, a programme, which aims to use mobile phones to help fight hunger and malnutrition in Asia and Africa. Here Alvaro Valverde and...

Team Tiger’s Treasure Hunt in Ethiopia

Oxfam is always looking at new ways to improve sanitation in its programmes and the Tiger Worm Toilet is just one novel method that is currently being trialled. With an estimated 2.6 billion people...

Volunteers leading the evacuation drill. Credit: Dow Punpiputt/Oxfam

Get ready, get set… BEEP! Can mobile phones deliver community-based early warning systems in Sri Lanka?

Back in November, Dow Punpiputt  travelled to Sri Lanka with the Digital Vision team to see how Oxfam is using mobile technology in disaster risk reduction. Here she reports on the innovative...

Working in an apple orchard in Armenia

Three steps to developing workable ideas: explore, extract and enact

Where do new ideas come from? How do you produce an actionable, new idea? Nicholas Colloff outlines the 'explore, extract, enact' approach to innovation. ...

Installing the 'Protector' at Longtech, Kenya. Credit: Brian McSorley/Oxfam

Making lake water safe to drink – an innovative approach to tackling fluorosis

Oxfam is working with US engineers to develop a pioneering desalination solution in order to prive safe drinking water in rural Kenya. Brian McSorley reports on the pilot, in the last of his blog...