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Enough! Stop Violence Against Women and Girls

This is not bad luck it is sexist violence

Damaris Ruiz, Coordinator of Women's Rights for Latin America and the Caribbean, looks at the social acceptance of violence against women and what we can do to end it.  ...

Mariam, 33, a mother of 5, gazes out of her tent in Lebanon’s Northern Bekaa valley.

Webinar: Edutainment and digital media to challenge social norms in the MENA region

Upcoming webinar on challenging social norms and to advance Gender Justice and Women's Rights in the MENA region.  Date: December...

 Rosalinda Dionisio. Credit: Campaign in Defense of Mother Earth

The Right to Defend Human Rights in an Unequal World: The case of Mexico

Defenders of human rights often put themselves at personal risk to carry out their work. This blog examines the vulnerabilities human rights and land rights activists face, especially female activists...

An event to promote girls' education in Mperembe in Mzimba

Make education safe for all: let girls learn!

Oxfam's Gender Justice Programme Coordinator in Malawi, Anthony Malunga, reflects on Malawi's education system and on what can be done to protect girls in the classroom and support their...

Suhad Ben Mohammed Saeed, 26, writes dictation in a school for literacy supported by Oxfam at al-Maefer village in Taiz city, Yemen.

From the ground up: How Yemen’s women and girls survive

This blog introduces a study carried out by Oxfam, CARE and GenCap, to better understand how women, men, girls and boys survive in Yemen, a country torn apart by conflict. ...

Women collecting firewood. Asbuli Kebele, Erer Woreda, Siti Zone, March 2016. (Photo credit: Luisa Dietrich)

Institutionalising Gender in Emergencies: Ethiopia Gender Analysis

Understanding needs and context is vital in an emergency response. A crucial, and often overlooked, factor in this is gender. Here, Steph Avis, introduces the first of a series of reports from the...

Neem Mibimba, President of the Women's Forum (Credit: Eleanor Farmer / Oxfam )

The long road to fair employment

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment In our latest instalment of the Her series, we look at why women make up the majority of unemployed youth, the barriers women face...

Women's participation and leadership

Moving from individual to collective change for women's participation in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan Region of Iraq

With women making up only 19% of parliament in the Middle East and North Africa region, understanding the factors preventing women from taking part in decision-making processes is vital. Here, Julie...

Moroccan female berry pickers taking part in Oxfam/partner-led workshops (Credit: Julie Theroux-Seguin/Oxfam)

Morocco's strawberry pickers and women's economic empowerment

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment  Nearing the end of this month's Her Series, Even It Up campaigner Sian Jones explains how the experiences of women workers...

Volunteer Theresa B Kamara leads a community workshop (Tommy Trenchard/ Oxfam)

High Level Panel must support women’s collective action as key to realising women’s economic rights

HER SERIES: Opinions on Women's Economic Empowerment The UN High Level Panel for Women's Economic Empowerment is seen as an important step in gender equality. But how can it ensure...