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Tika Darlami talks with Bhupal Singh Gurung, a social mobiliser, at a local tea shop, Nepal. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

More than words: observing changes in confidence

Many women's economic empowerment projects aim to help build women's confidence. How can we measure whether change has been achieved? Kimberly Bowman identifies some starting points. ...

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An open data revolution, but what's next?

An open data revolution has taken place in the aid transparency world in the past two years, but the story doesn't end there. Today's guest bloggers, Roy Trivedy and Mike Battcock from...

A rally for the domestic violence bill in Pakistan. Credit: Oxfam

When women get together great things are possible - lessons from Raising Her Voice

For five years Raising Her Voice worked in 17 countries to promote women's participation and influence in decision making. Here Emily Brown, programme coordinator, shares her lessons as we launch...

Lessons learned from a year of advocacy impact evaluation

Evaluation gurus Kimberly Bowman and Claire Hutchings reflect on what Oxfam has learnt in our efforts to monitor the effectiveness of our advocacy campaigns. ...

Beauty at work in her community in Bangladesh as part of the WE CAN campaign supported by Oxfam.

Tackling the evaluation challenge – how do we know if we're effective?

As Oxfam publishes its first batch of Project Effectiveness Reviews, Jennie Richmond, Head of our Programme Performance and Accountability team discusses the evaluation challenge facing...

A lady carries away her food rations at Oxfam feeding programme in Mbare, Harare, Zimbabwe. Credit: Robin Hammond/Oxfam

Transparency take 2 – Oxfam publishes its second batch of IATI-compliant data

As Oxfam GB publishes its second batch of IATI-compliant data, Paul Clough explains our motivation for signing up to the transparency initiative. ...