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Marie Carmel Lindor with her son Christopher, 6 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Credit: Diana Hernandez Cordero/Oxfam

Making markets work in emergencies — and everyday life

In the run up to World Humanitarian Day, we're looking at different aspects of humanitarian work and how it is evolving to better meet people's needs. Here, Carol Brady explains the value...

Mrs Tamboura, 47 years old, taking care of her vegetable garden that provides necessary extra help to her families' diet and provides her with some cash. Kayes, Mali. Charles Bambara/ Oxfam

Hunger, violence and the butterfly effect in Mali

Until recently Mali was best known internationally for its music and fabled city of Timbuktu, but now it's making news because of conflict and political turmoil. Added to that, it is still recovering...

Cash transfer in Kenya

New technologies in humanitarian cash transfers – the future of aid?

In a growing number of countries across Africa and Asia, mobile phone networks are providing millions of people with inexpensive cash transfer services. ...

The Finland wilderness led to innovations in mobile phone technology

Innovation – more than just geeky technology

The results may sometimes be technological, but innovation is a social process, says Nicholas Colloff, in the second of a series of posts on innovation. ...

Fishermen from Tikamgarh have innovated to support their livelihoods

Innovation – a means to an end

Innovation is a word with buzz and a shrill high pitched ring tone - Nicholas Colloff, Oxfam GB's Director Strategy and Innovation, considers the role of innovation in development in...