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Have we tipped the balance?

To celebrate World Food Day, we are releasing Tipping the Balance - 2012's report on agricultural investment and market governance - as an eBook. Maria Michalopoulou ponders how the debate...

Sugarcane workers, Brazil. Credit: Oxfam/Tatiana Cardeal

What do the world’s biggest brands have to do with land rights?

Why is Oxfam calling for zero tolerance of global land grabs by food and beverage companies? Irit Tamar from Oxfam America introduces the next phase of our Behind the Brands campaign. ...

A worker holds up a handful of palm fruit at a South-east Asian plantation and mill supplying palm oil to Finnish biodiesel giant Neste Oil. Credit: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Hunger Grains – it's time to scrap the biofuels mandate

Oxfam economic policy adviser Ruth Kelly unveils her new paper, published today, on a really simple, bad policy that rich countries can fix - biofuels. ...