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The Tyne Bridge at sunset - Newcastle Gateshead Quayside - Tyne and Wear Credit: Glen Bowman via

Women of the North East stand up for their rights

Our Routes to Solidarity programme works with minority ethnic women in the UK affected by poverty, inequality and discrimination. Sara Ganassin explains how women in north-east England are using...

Salome Ntui outside her home and shop in Mukuru, Kenya. Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Who answers to the hungry? Claiming the right to food in Kenya

In Kenya poor households are struggling to afford food and government schemes are not doing enough to prevent people going hungry. Carolyne Gatimu introduces a study of food rights in Kenya as part...

 Maurine Minykha, 25, a single mother of two, buys food on credit from a local store in the Lunga Lunga area of the Mukuru informal settlement on April 2nd 2014. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Help yourself - going it alone to achieve food security

If you and your family were going hungry, would you expect your government to do something about it? Policy research adviser Richard King discusses the second year results of our food price volatility...

Women participate in a meeting of the 'Nari Utthan' (women ascending) Community Discussion Class, Nepal. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

How will you Raise Her Voice?

Yesterday Emily Brown, Oxfam's Gender and Governance Advisor launched a new animation on women's political voice - and today, to inspire you, she shares a selection of the finest feminist...

Women attend workshops as part of the AMAL programme in the West Bank. Credit: Oxfam

Amal: hope for the women of the Arab spring

Although women were at the forefront of the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world, their voices are still not being heard in many areas. Here Serena Tramonti introduces our gender justice programme in...

Building a social contract in South Sudan

Long term governance programming in fragile contexts is painstaking but rewarding work. Rama Anthony shares experiences from South Sudan and explains why development efforts should focus on...

Charitable, 45 runs a canteen or small restaurant, she has four children and is pregnant with a fifth. Her house collapsed into a heap of rubble during the earthquake. Now, she’s re-opened in a makeshift spot across the street. Credit:Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Gender and Rights: our Quick Guides to success

How can you incorporate gender considerations into humanitarian, development and campaigns work? As Jemma Stringer explains, if you're pushed for time reading a Quick Guide would be a good start. ...

"Pour l'honneur du Mali". A group of displaced women is leaving a community meeting about their situation and their hopes for returning home, Bamako, 2013. Credit: Oxfam/Vincent Tremeau

Hopes for the new Malian government

Elections in 2013 restored democratic order in Mali. Now the new government needs to bring about justice, reconciliation and development. Our briefing paper identifies key governance...

Women's rally in Uttar Pradesh, India. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam

Working for the few: private power over democracy

Seven out of ten people live in countries where economic inequality has increased in the last 30 years. Our new briefing calls for the world leaders meeting in Davos this week to counter...

Wulu, South Sudan Within without state public dialogue

Governance and Fragility: lessons learnt

This week the Within and Without the State (WWS) programme is sharing its experience from South Sudan at a UNDP expert practitioners meeting in New York. Here, Louie Fooks, Global Learning and...

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