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Rapid Care Analysis discussion group, Oromia, Ethiopia (2014)

Understanding unpaid care in Ethiopia through first-hand testimonies

In late November 2014, the WE-Care project conducted four rapid care analyses in the Oromia Region of central Ethiopia. The purpose of the rapid care analyses was to shine a light on the burden of...

Credit: Geno Teofilo/ Oxfam

Beyond good intentions: evidence in emergency response

In the run up to World Humanitarian Day, Ellie Ott looks at how evidence-based practice is transforming how humanitarian programming reviews and improves its effectiveness. ...

Raising Her Voice copyright 2014 Cognitive"

87 seconds to capture five years of change. Can it be done?

It may not have had a red carpet premiere, but as Jacky Repila explains, the Raising Her Voice animation, launched this week is cause for celebration. Here, she gives us her guide to the making of...

Children take part in a hand washing instruction at an event to mark global hand washing day in Zaatari camp. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

3D printing takes emergency response to another level

Could 3D printing technology be the future of water and sanitation equipment design? 'Top toilet thinker' Angus McBride, introduces an innovative Oxfam 3D printing trial in Lebanon.  ...

Gulnara Ahmadov prepares her daughter Gulmira for school, Kelenterli, Azerbaijan. Credit: David Levene/Oxfam

Who cares about care?

How can women fulfil their potential economically, socially, and politically if the majority of their time is tied up in unpaid household care duties? As part of our International Women's Day...

Women attend workshops as part of the AMAL programme in the West Bank. Credit: Oxfam

Amal: hope for the women of the Arab spring

Although women were at the forefront of the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world, their voices are still not being heard in many areas. Here Serena Tramonti introduces our gender justice programme in...

Women carers from Pakistan who participated in the Raising Her Voice programme. Credit: Irina Werning/Oxfam

Unpaid carers of the world, unite!

Unpaid care work is the major human rights issue that has too often gone unnoticed on the development agenda. Naomi Hossain, guest blogger from IDS, explains what needs to change. ...

Primary Healthcare Centre, Maharashtra State, India. Credit: Cecile Unternaehrer/Oxfam

Putting the public back into public services

As we launch Held to Account, Oxfam's new briefing paper on public service accountability, guest blogger from India Dr Abhay Shukla - activist, physician and public health specialist - calls...

Beatrice Quayee (R) and her family outside their home in River Gee county, Liberia. Credit: Oxfam/Kieran Doherty

Care work discussions happening in rural communities?! What next?

On the day the UN launches a new report linking unequal care responsibilities to human rights, we are  publishing resources to help practitioners to address care work in local development. Here,...

Dadaab camp. Credit: Oxfam

Farewell Dadaab: leaving the world's biggest refugee camp

Following on from World Humanitarian Day, Brian McSorley gives a personal view on leaving Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp, after three years of managing Oxfam's refugee programme...

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