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In Mafraq City in Northern Jordan children light candles to show their solidarity with the people of Syria. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

British foreign policy: where's the vision for 2015?

As Oxfam releases our new paper: British Foreign Policy in an Unequal World, and with humanitarian and diplomatic crises in east Ukraine, Syria and the Central African Republic, our senior policy...

A Syrian refugee girl in Zaatari Camp, Jordan, where new arrivals are still living in tents in the cold in harsh desert conditions. Credit: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

Syria needs peace, not foreign weapons

As peace talks take place in Geneva the conflict in Syria is close to entering its fourth year. The fighting continues to be fueled by arms and ammunition from far beyond the country's...

We made history in 2013: moments to make your heart beat fast

As we enter a new year, Anna Macdonald celebrates one of 2013's most historic achievements when, after 10 years of tireless campaigning, a global arms trade treaty was finally adopted by the...

Ahmed, 19, Mohammed, 5 and Sami, 7, sit in the small room in which they live, with their mother and 5 more relatives. Credit: Luca Sola/Oxfam

Syria's refugees and the kindness of strangers

Last week Ben Phillips, Campaigns and Policy Director, visited Syrian refugee families living in Lebanon. Here, he shares their stories of survival and kindness experienced in hostile conditions....

Activists who worked with Raising Her Voice partners lobbying for the domestic violence bill in Uganda. Credit: Oxfam

Violence against women: changing attitudes and laws

Around the world women and men are taking part in 16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women. Cat Meredith examines Oxfam's approach to changing attitudes and laws,...

Former girl soldier at a transition and rehabilitation centre in DRC, Caroline Irby/Oxfam

Is a woman's place on the battlefield?

Editor Caroline Sweetman introduces the latest issue of the Gender & Development journal, which looks at gender, conflict and violence through the lens of feminism.  ...

Aid distributed by Oxfam's partner Abhigyan Disha, following floods in Bihar, India, 2007. Credit: Ian Bray/Oxfam GB

Who you gonna call? Partnerships in emergency response

From local groups to international tech, Nigel Timmins, Oxfam GB's Deputy Humanitarian Director, emphasises the importance of making all kinds of partnerships work in humanitarian responses. ...

Infographic showing that currently less than 1% of the Afghan police force is female the target is for this to be 10% by 2024.

Afghan women police need to be doing more than just making tea

As Oxfam publishes a major report on Afghan women in the police, Liz Cameron highlights that it's more than a numbers game. ...

Hanging out laundry at the Al Waha Commercial Centre, an abandoned shopping centre in Dede Al Koura near the city of Tripoli. Sam Tarling/ Oxfam

“Our womanhood has disappeared...” Changing gender roles among Syrian refugees

Over one million people have fled to Lebanon in the hope of escaping the violence in Syria. It is now widely acknowledged that war affects men and women differently as a result of conflict compounding...

Dadaab camp. Credit: Oxfam

Farewell Dadaab: leaving the world's biggest refugee camp after three years' work

Following on from World Humanitarian Day, Brian McSorley gives a personal view on leaving Dadaab, the world's largest refugee camp, after three years of managing Oxfam's refugee programme...

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