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Serena Tramonti

Media and Advocacy Officer

Serena is a media and advocacy officer for Oxfam; at the moment she is working on Oxfam AMAL programme and she is based in Beirut. Through AMAL, a three year development programme, Oxfam is working together with 13 partners across Tunisia, Yemen, OPT and Morocco to increase women's capacity and ability to become leaders in their community, campaign, and reclaim their rights. Serena is supporting colleagues and partners in building effective campaigns. She has worked for Oxfam for seven years and is often to be found holding large improbable props during last minute photo opportunities for campaigns.

All posts by Serena Tramonti

Fighting for political participation in Tunisia

On April 23 dozens of Tunisian women gathered in front of the National Assembly in the capital to protest against moves to curtail women's rights and ensure that women enjoy equal representation...

Women attend workshops as part of the AMAL programme in the West Bank. Credit: Oxfam

Amal: hope for the women of the Arab spring

Although women were at the forefront of the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world, their voices are still not being heard in many areas. Here Serena Tramonti introduces our gender justice programme in...